AngularJs vs EmberJs

AngularJs vs EmberJs

So you want to start building a single-page application. Which framework should you use to help build it?

AngularJs vs EmberJs

This series of articles takes a look at two of the most popular ones: AngularJs and EmberJs

The back story

While developing applications using BackboneJs, I have been itching to use a newer JavaScript single-page application (SPA) framework; if at least to find out if it was indeed worth continuing to develop with the tried-and-tested, battle proven, but often verbose and feature lacking, BackboneJs.

At first, I had wanted to compare all the SPAs.

Learn All the SPAs!

However, that meant I would be spreading myself too thin. Besides, we already have TodoMVC for that.

What I really wanted to do was to take the two most popular SPAs after BackboneJs, and analyse them in depth - pitting them against each other, and taking a look at the pros and cons of each.

Given that they both fall into the same broad category, and are designed to help developers accomplish similar end goals, I expected them to be quite similar.

Interestingly, they were not. It was not just the syntax that was different. I found that they have very different philosophies on how code should be structured, and even how much structure there should be; making for quite an interesting comparison.

Let us take a look!


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