AngularJs vs EmberJs

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Models, views, controller, templates, routing, and components are all of the basic building blocks used to develop a single page application. They can be thought of as the core competencies that are provided by single page application frameworks.

Both AngularJs and EmberJs do a remarkable job in providing this functionality, as they cover all bases, and ensure that while developing your web application, you do not need to re-invent the wheel. Neither do you need to worry about conforming to future specifications for the various emerging web standards that we have discuss in this series of articles.

These are just the basics - the foundations - and should serve only to give you a taste for what it is like to develop web applications using each of these frameworks. In my humble opinion, however, these are still the most important things to consider when choosing between these two frameworks.

There are of course, other factors, such as testability, search engine optimisation, developer productivity, level of abstraction, level of opinionation, digest-cycle-specific considerations, and community, which should be considered too.

If you have already formed a strong preference based upon these foundational concepts alone, these higher-order differentiating factors are unlikely to sway you very much.

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The domain of the single page application is a relatively new one, and almost everyone developing them is still learning as they go along. I hope that this exploration of the various trade-offs, syntaxes, philosophies, and other differences between AngularJs and EmberJs has helped you to understand each of these frameworks better, and enabled you to make an informed decision in picking the one that suits your needs, or your app's needs, best.


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