AngularJs vs EmberJs

How this might change with ES6

There is currently a draft proposal in ECMAScript 6, the standards specification for the next version of JavaScript, for Object.observe(). This specification calls for native methods on all POJSOs that may be used to observe for changes made to object state.

This ability will turn the issue of wrapper objects with accessors versus dirty checking on its head, as both of them will no longer be necessary to listen for changes in models, and to accomplish data-binding between models and views. This article even goes as far as to say

"Everything you think you know about data binding — and every trick MVC libraries are using to pull it off — is about to be flipped on its head".

It is pertinent to remember, that while some browsers, as well as NodeJs, have already implemented Object.observe(), it is still under discussion, and is still presently a proposal. So actual implementation can and will vary; and adoption across all devices, is still relatively unknown.